The Connection of Mental Illness to Sexual Health

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Mental Illness and sexual health and its connection

After a little relief from lockdowns and stress, people are recovering from low mood and depression. Well, mental illness is a big problem that most people have been facing even before the outbreak of Covid-19. With so many people coming up with suicidal thoughts, the pandemic was yet another burden on them. Mental illnesses, whatever their severity, should be consulted with a doctor as soon as possible, in order to avoid any major harm that the person unknowingly causes. Sexual health appears to have a strong relationship with mental illness. We talked to an expert who could share some good professional advice on this serious matter.

Dr. Subhash Hira, professor of Global Health at the University of Washington-Seattle

Dr. Subhash Hira, professor of Global Health at the University of Washington, and former health specialist of WHO, and currently the health adviser to several UN, Indian and African health agencies, said, “Mental disorder and sexual illness are interconnected to hormones. Melanin is a mood hormone whereas oxytocin is a love hormone that start to appear in men in terms of mental presentation. These hormones secreted by our brain cells induce sexual desire in humans.”

“An individual having a mental disorder can get worried over little problems or even get really violent. Such people start to develop a higher risk-taking propensity, and because of their love hormones, they get restless. This risk-taking conduct ultimately leads to some serious sexual illnesses.”

Dr. Hira believes that there are about 30 diseases that can be sexually transmitted. And within those diseases, there are some which are very curable, known as bacterial sexual diseases, and there are some which are not curable, and that are known as viral sexual diseases. It’s important that people know before they expose themselves to risky sexual behaviors. Consultation with a doctor specializing in sexual wellbeing is always recommended and not to be neglected.

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Besides, it’s been pointed out that there is a lot of stigma with many people in terms of sexual health. People with mental disorder are mocked by some of the remarks made by people that drive these people to more depression, anxiety, and hasty sexual needs that contribute to unsafe sexual behavior. The stigma can’t be completely ended but the discomfiture of visiting the clinic can be lowered to a greater extent. Dr. Hira says, “It is now easier to seek care for mental wellbeing or sexual health. Patients can easily dial a number or visit the website to consult physicians without having to physically visit the clinics and wait a long time. The situation will continue to remain easier like this for a very long time.”

One should never fail to take good care of their mental health and sexual wellbeing to improve their quality of life.

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