The Lost Black Silk: Ch 01

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The Lost Black Silk: Chapter 01

I am Sarthak Vyas and I enjoy going out with my friends, and it is something that comes to my mind frequently when I read her letters. Our sleepless nights with friends, were just as memorable as our night parties and stays with pals.

After ruminating over the pile of her letters, one letter just blows my imagination out of the water, and I am astounded that there is something special about this particular letter. My wife, who is cooking in the kitchen, looks at me and grins softly. I’m sitting in hall enjoying a few glittering bulbs, holding the letters, in a house that is completely decorated from the inside out. Akash kandil and diyas add to the radiance of the entire neighborhood. My two children are bursting crackers and having a good time with their chillar party mates.

Now, this letter has a fragrance of past lovely recollections, as well as its dust with a scent of memories never fades and helps me remember something wild from the past always.

It all begins with a Train journey from Rajasthan to Nashik, Maharashtra. We had gotten back in touch with old college contacts and reconnected with lost friendships, thanks to a friends reunion party we had just attended 2-3 weeks prior. We had exchanged cell phone numbers, which helped one of my friends, Ms. Vishakha, to call me and invite me to Nashik, where she resides and where I finished my college career with her. Without hesitation, I was shocked and delighted, and promised to pay her a visit in Nashik.

When I woke up in the morning after a long night in the train’s birth, Tulsi express had arrived in Nashik half an hour earlier. It felt like the place sensed my eagerness and kept up with my attitude of getting to the place early. She texted me the destination, and outside the railway station, a few Rickshaw wallas greeted me and asked where I was going. I was shocked when one of the Rickshaw wallas indicated he knew where I was headed. When I got inside the rickshaw ride, he asked where I wanted to go, and I showed him the text message, and he signed OK. Then I realised it was merely the driver’s talent and expertise that got me inside his vehicle. With that in mind, I simply inquired as to why he claimed to know where I was heading. He responds that based on my looks, the way I was dressed, and the fact that I was in a rush, he deduced that I was meeting someone special. With this response, he was able to please me, and I was once again astounded by his abilities. I told him who I was going to meet that day. “It’s my first love from college, and we’re getting married soon.”

When I got at my location and alighted from the Auto rickshaw, I was astounded by the size of the hotel. With seven-eight-story-high buildings, entering the hotel felt large and majestic. I asked for Ms. Vishakha at the front desk. They dialed Ms. Vishakha and told me she would call back in a few minutes.

Vishakha worked at the hotel, and it was her working day when she came to the reception, and it was incredible when I met her and hugged her with all the intense memories and emotions of love and missing each other. She had also arranged for my hotel accommodation, and I was directed to room 132 with all of my belongings. The rooms were nice and cosy for 2-3 people to stay in. I felt revitalised after taking a bath.

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Then, after a delicious afternoon lunch, we began our day of talks. She was overjoyed to see me back in Nashik. We had been in a relationship for over 4 years at the time. We hadn’t seen each other in three years, when I moved to Rajasthan with my parents. We got to talk about a lot of interesting stuff and have private conversations throughout lunch. Reminiscences from college were being shared and debated. We were also talking about classmates who weren’t with us at the time. Her eyes were filled with joy since we were now generating enough money to live on. I had carried on my father’s business, and she was working as an assistant manager in a hotel and making a decent living. We talked about how we both had a lot of fun in college without being overly materialistic. During the talk, she hinted at something special happening tonight, and she was running late for work.

I spent my time inside the hotel by wandering through the hotel’s pathways. It had a swimming pool, polo room, bar, party club, and other amenities to make the most of your time.

Her work hour ended at seven o’clock in the evening, and she came to my hotel room. I was a little disappointed because I had already lost a significant amount of time during the day, and the day was coming to a close. But her attitude and energy gave me the impression that the fun was just about to begin! She had her SUV and we got out of the hotel for a nice little private journey with excitement and a smile. I enjoyed seeing her drive the SUV through the city lights, admiring the beauty of it all. She appeared to be much more than gorgeous when I looked at her curly flowing hair.

To Be Continued…

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