These Face Care Tips For Winter Season Will Surprise You

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1) Drink plenty of water

This is very important to keep our self-hydrate during the winter season. Most of the people choose to have Hot Tea and coffee during this season, but it’s also important to drink plenty of water, as it provides essential moisture to the skin to look healthy. Drinking water helps to have clear and healthy skin in winter. Doctors recommend to at least drink 2-3 glasses of water every 2 hours. So keep drinking water to keep you fresh and healthy in winter.

2) Sunscreen against UV Rays

Sounds weird, but its true one must use SPF sunscreen in winter too. This is because even during the winter season the UV rays can easily penetrate the clouds and enter into our skin which can cause serious harm to our skin. So, one must prefer a sunscreen as per your skin type.

3) Lip Care

Moisturizing your lip is as important as you apply sunscreen on your face. It is important to moisturize your skin in winter to ensure that skin on your lips gets enough moisture to prevent cracking.  So you must carry one with you during this season to prevent your lips from cracking. As there are may lip cares available in the market such as Nivea Lip care, vaseline, etc which is very handy to use, you can use on your day to day life.

4) Wash your face before bed

Most of the people regret washing their face before going to bed, but it is an important thing one must do before going to bed. Washing your face before going to bed will remove all the dirt accumulated on your face in the daytime. Washing your face at night not just removes you dirt but also the cream or makeup applied to your face. Your skin has the ability to heal itself at night so it’s important to wash your face before bed.

5) Night Cream

In winter using night cream is beneficial because after all at the end of the day your skin also needs some energy, applying night cream to your face helps to supply moisturizer to the dry part of the face and keeps it hydrated. The cream also helps in blood circulation in your face. It makes your skin soft and helps to reduce wrinkles and other lines from the face.

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