Things About Brain You Should Know

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brain Image by © Blue Jean Images/Corbis

You are a computer and brain is your CPU right? Well, we are glad you know that as there many things about brain which can be less known, of which some are mentioned below. Read on!

  • The brain being an extremely  complex organ consists of  100  billion neurons  traveling at  speeds up  to  220  mph  [360  km/hour]  along a  network encompassing  trillions of  synaptic connections.
  • The brain which usually weighs about three pounds consumes between  25  percent of  the body’s  oxygen and  an extensive amount of  the calories  we consume in  the form  of the  blood sugar glucose.
  • The brain uses up almost the same amount of energy over time as an energy-saving light bulb. It has way more efficiency in view of its ability.
  • The human brain is approximately 75% water.
  • You would be amazed to know that reading out loud to kids accelerates the brain development.
  • There are around 10 to the power of 60 atoms in the universe. Your brain has 10 to the power of 1,000,000 diverse ways it can wire itself.
  • Speaking of large numbers, there are approximately 1.1 trillion cells and 100 billion neurons in the average human brain.
  • An average human brain encloses 1.1 trillion cells and 100 billion neurons.
  • Very fewer people can carry out two things at once consciously, without any degradation in performance.
  • Your brain doesn’t record memories like video. It takes snapshots of the more important bits and guesses what happened in between when recalled, which may create false memories too.
  • You may be napping, but your brain is busy digesting your food, pumping your heart, maintain your blood pressure and much more to keep you alive.
  • Your brain never loses the ability to learn and change as long as you are not affected with any brain disease, as it is constantly rewiring itself.

If you already know these, good! You are a computer; must have saved that right!

[Featured Image Source: Blue Jean Images/Corbis]

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