This Is How To Respect Failure and Move Ahead

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Respect failure and move ahead
Respect failure and move ahead

Yeah, when we fail, surely what we say is about the way failure sucks. But agree on it or not, you understand it well. Life is an excursion with unceasing obstacles in life, basically, ups and downs, and no doubt, failure is a part of life. We love to expect success to touch our feet on the very first attempt. But does it happen anyway? The fear of failure prevents us from trying anything new.

Failure for us can be anything like the failure of not passing an exam, failure to grow your first business beyond a certain limit, having your writings rejected, failure to make important deals, etc. Well, there is the failure which is easy to forget and there are some which are devastating also having a bad impact on your life. Failure, especially, repeated one can be really hard to bounce it back. You always try to get through a situation, project, and important work in your life and want it to go in certain ways but when it doesn’t, it really breaks your confidence and in a way creates a moment of disappointment.

Failure is a part of your life. It is inevitable. Instead of fearing failure, try to overcome it, think yourself as a warrior and always remember one thing in life – To come to this earth you challenged millions of semen and you are that semen who won and got a medal of living life.

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Read below and you will hopefully find some worthy ways to boost your confidence and overcome your fear of failure in life:


#1 Learn from your failure- As APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “ Failure is the first step to success,” It is the failure which helps you to learn a lesson of life. You can’t be perfect in every situation. We learn because we fail. Whenever you will fail, just ask yourself some questions first

1- What did you learn from your failure?

2- What action you will take next time to overcome this failure?

3- How this failure will help you in succeeding the future?

When you understand the lesson from your failure surely your time and efforts won’t get wasted.


#2 Who does not fail? – Probably each and every person on this earth falls and fails for something or someone in their life. Yeah, failure breaks your heart, but just look for the people who came and failed before you.

  1. The founder of Lamborghini Car was rejected by Ferrari.
  2. Honda car company was destroyed by the earthquake many a time.
  3. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books were rejected many times.

And you will hear many stories of different personalities who failed many times in their life but they did not give up and found a massive grade of success in their life.


#3 Get some time for yourself- Life has got its business. Here, success is the profit and failure is the loss and it’s really ok to grieve a loss. But whenever you fail, to give yourself the time to mourn it, try to get over the sorrow, anger, frustration and irritation. Don’t take any decisions during this period as chances are more that you will be taking only the wrong decisions. Try to keep yourself relaxed but, set a time limit for it – 3 to 4 days! Don’t take months to overcome such situations and get back to your journey of life.


#4 Re-evaluate plans- If you are trying the same thing again and again, and getting only failures in your hand, it’s time to get away from it. Sometimes, it’s stupidity to try the same thing again and again and expecting different results from it. The right decision can be quitting by not thinking that you are incapable of doing it. Some jobs, exams, projects, situations don’t suit your life, you were meant to be different. It’s like, you have rejected a particular situation in your life and not the situation has rejected you. Stick when you are growing bamboo and quit when the soil is no more good by planting it somewhere else.


#5 Judge yourself- Humans are a totally different thing as when you do anything better somebody among is gonna get jealous, and most importantly, when you fail they won’t stop talking different things about you. Failure is not a reflection of your life. It totally depends on you whether you want to lift yourself up or down. And people will always judge you by your failure; it’s their attitude, their preference, their mistake, and not yours.


#6 Talk to yourself- You become what you think! The moment you tell yourself that “I am a big failure”, you are not on good track anymore and won’t find anything except stepping stones to your temporary goals. Correct yourself and believe “I will do better next time”. What is the use of considering failures as stepping stones to success if all those pieces of stones are built towards a wrong destination? Don’t trust these stepping stones if you don’t trust yourself.


#7 Review your previous success- Whenever you fail, your mind is covering up with negative thoughts and feelings, and in such situations, it becomes very difficult to get towards positive thoughts. What you should do is take out your book and pen, and write down the achievements of your life, the time when people appreciated your work, the time you made someone smile, any small or big contest or awards you won, the important lesson you learnt in life, any difficult and strange situation you passed through in your life. You will build positive mind and will be able to come up with the best in difficult times because it’s the time you will take yourself as your inspirational model.

That’s somehow our success depends upon flames of failures, so appreciate failure, respect it and move forward in life.

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