Top 5 Cartoons in India Watched Not Only By Kids!

Top 5 Cartoons in India Watched Not Only By Kids

Many still find themselves irresistible watching cartoons. 40% of that many is kids aged below 13 but

What about 60%? Are you kidding man!? Sounds dreadfully funny but yes, 60% who are watching these cartoons are the ones aged between 13 and 28. Hahaha! One of the important reasons behind this could all relate to the depression factors which we take in. Whatever, but it’s funny. We have curated the top 5 list of cartoons which these legends are engrossed at watching!



Doraemon Cartoon

Doraemon introduced to Indian television by Disney India‘s Hungama TV in 2005, is very well-accepted and continued to be considered as one of the most evergreen cartoons ever made. Certainly, everybody knows about Doraemon and the other characters in it – Nobita, Shizuka, Gyan, Suniyo, and Dekisugee. The anime is aired today on Hungama TV and Disney TV, and has won Best show for kids awards two times. Doraemon in India is highest rated kidz show with around 480 million viewers, and you know, it’s just not the kids!



Shin-chan Cartoon

This series started airing in India on Hungama TV in 2006. Watching Shinchan cartoon, someone tells you that this Shin-chan was real and everything happened was so tragic… yaar! And you are – Really? If you really are a regular Shinchan watcher, it’s so very noticeable about your friend informing this news to you. Dubbed in over 30 languages, aired in over 45 countries, the series has about 1000 episodes and 25 full-length films. The cartoon was banned by Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2008, due to profane and nude content, but with fan requests, the highly censored version of the series appeared and is being watched and cherished well by everybody.



Pokemon Cartoon

The Pokemon series was introduced to India in 2003 by Cartoon Network and was later shown on Pogo, Hungama TV and Disney XD. The series aired in 98 countries, is most popular in India among teens aged between 13 and 23. You must have met someone in your life who is madly crazy about Pokemon. In particular, Pokemon Go, an augmented VR game was a trendsetter in India for all the gamers.


4Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Cartoon

You must remember the days you were watching Doraemon or Shin-chan, and suddenly you are interrupted with Dragon Ball Z by someone. In fact, the words Goku and Super Saiyan have appeared in highest social trends. You really know what I’m talking about!



Beyblade Cartoon

Kids took a special interest in Beyblade series when they got to use, test and own Beyblade toys. Beyblade tournaments are still on the go, what’s more, there is an organization set up named World Beyblade Organisation. Whoa! Brace yourself for the Beyblade Tournament in Mumbai this Feb 18. People taking interest in Beyblades today are aged between 15 and 25, the most.

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