Top 5 Perfect Shawarma Destinations in Nashik You Should Visit Today!

Top 5 Shawarma destinations in Nashik

Shawarma, one of the scrumptious Levantine dishes is now among one of the most popular cuisines around the world. The dish so hasn’t taken a long time reaching India and is now being savoured by all the Non-Vegetarians across India. Indians have created a Veg variety of this popular dish so that a veggie can try and get a hint of how it actually would taste in its main variety. As a special food, restaurants in Nashik have started making the dish available to all the foodies in Nashik. We have found some places in Nashik where you can taste city’s finest Shawarma dishes.

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AI Arabian Express, Nashik
AI Arabian Express, Nashik

#1. Al Arabian Express

The Al Arabian Express is located in college road. This is one of the finest places serving both veg and Non-Veg variants of Shawarma in Nashik.

Location: College Road, Behind Big Bazaar.

Veg – ₹ 110 to ₹ 130   | Non-Veg – ₹ 110 to ₹ 170

Timing: 12 noon to 11 pm

Roadside Wrap, Nashik
Roadside Wrap, Nashik

#2. Roadside wrap

Roadside wrap is a famous in Nashik especially among college students for its range of veg and non-veg rolls served. First-rate Shawarma dishes are available here at a cheap price.

Location: College Road ,Opp. Domino’s Pizza

Veg (Paneer ) – ₹  65/-   |    Non-veg(Chicken) – ₹  65/-

Timing: 11 am to 11 pm

Jaffa, Nashik
Jaffa, Nashik

#3. Jaffa

Every person would love to get his food served as per his hunger. Jaffa not only provides variety in food stuffing but also serves in different proportions or sizes as per requirement of the customer. For appeasing light hunger one can have a pocket one, or go for a super one being the better.

Location: College Road

Veg Pocket – ₹ 49/-    |    Veg Super- ₹ 149/-

Non-Veg Pocket – ₹ 79/-   | Non-Veg Super – ₹ 189/-

Timing: 10am to 10pm

Shawarma Bite's, Nashik
Shawarma Bite’s, Nashik

#4. Shawarma Bite’s

This place has got the best of flavours of Shawarma varieties in Nashik.You will find lots of experimental Shawarma varieties full of delicious flavour over here. Grab your one by visiting this place.

Location: Tulips Apartment, College Road.

Price: ₹ 175/-

Timing: 1pm to 10pm

Meal's on Wheel's, Nashik
Meal’s on Wheel’s, Nashik

#5. Meal’s on Wheel’s

Meal’s on Wheel’s is a food truck which stalls near Untwadi road. For tasting delicious varieties of Shawarma dishes after a perfect shopping made from City Centre Mall, people often visit here in the evening and have a lip-smacking nibble of yummy hot Shawarma selections.

Location: Near city centre mall, Untwadi Road.

Veg – ₹ 50/- to ₹ 70/-   |    Non-veg – ₹ 60/- to ₹ 100/-

Timing: 5pm to 10pm

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