When Maintaining Your Relationship Matters the Most!

Some of the important things I learned and you ought to never forget during a conversation to let you keep alive a strong and valuable relationship

When relationship matters the most
When relationship matters the most

We take every relationship as a connection with people who matter. In fact, life is all about relationships and to maintain relationships we should be continuously nurturing them. You might know some people in your daily routine who never stop talking about themselves. Topics they toss on you won’t cross apart their past experience followed by their family matters and other humdrum kinds of stuff. In point of fact, it’s just a one-sided conversation. Well, then we obviously end up thinking of such a person as self-centred, as we will not like to sit with that person again, and will always feel like running away from them because of the mean and self-centred attitude they possess. Furthermore, here comes the point when you don’t at all feel like maintaining a relationship with them again. It totally becomes gruelling to ever maintain a good and strong relationship.

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Here are some of the important things I learned and you ought to never forget during a conversation to let you keep alive a strong and valuable relationship.


  1. Don’t talk too much about yourself– If you are a great personality, a superstar then maybe people would never mind hearing about yourself day and night. Don’t think of you as the most interesting person around, though everyone loves to hear you. Mature minds allow others to talk so why shouldn’t you?
  2. Stop Complaining– Who loves to be with such a person who is always complaining about others? Stop complaining and start loving because it’s really difficult to link up with people oozing negativity whatever happens.
  3. Let others finish their word– Even if you have something very imperative for the discussion please try not to resist or urge someone to cut in middle. This makes you bad creating a wicked impression of yours.
  4. Don’t ask people to continue when they get interrupted– Don’t you think, it creates an insulting and weird feeling when you get interrupted by someone and then being asked to continue your thoughts? Try to avoid this mistake.
  5. Always reply– Even if you are too busy, at least, send a short message informing that you are busy and will reply later. No-Reply factor creates a guilty feeling in the mind of another party in communication.
  6. Show interest in other people’s lives– Try showing interest in other people’s lives by asking questions and providing proper suggestions. If you do not intend to be doing this at least try not to show off viciousness towards others.
  7. Have a smile on your face– Whenever you meet any people have power over a smile on your face. We always start with Hii or Hello, but joyful actions do speak a lot louder than your actions or words. You are never fully dressed without a smile! Your cute smile will say more than just a Hii or Hello, as it flaunts about how happy are you meeting them.
  8. Show respect towards others feelings– Try to use words like “you must be disappointed” when other person describes their bad situations, or use words like “you must have felt really happy” when someone is describing the cheery moment of their life. These words do a part of you in sharing your feelings with thoughts in due course making your relationships even stronger.
  9. Make good eye contact– Maintain good eye contact when you are talking to others as it is that virtuous practice which expresses your honesty and sincerity towards them.
  10. Don’t brag– If you were successful in pulling off something special in your life. Describe your achievement in small lines by showing you are pointing toward something much bigger and better. Don’t do unnecessary bragging about your success and achievements because this anyway creates a feeling of distress in other minds.
  11. Don’t criticise other ideas– Unless and until you have better suggestions or ideas, it’s really ideal to listen and just listen.
  12. Don’t get distracted– Suppose, you are talking to your friend from last 10 min and your friend didn’t take his eyes off his mobile screen all the way through entire time. You won’t feel any good in such situation. In fact, that will be quite insulting as you are being ignored. Try to listen when someone is talking to you.

So always try to stand out by shining your spotlight towards other people when you interact with them. Just a simple shift in focus can make huge difference because,


–  Dr. Scott Sticksel