When Music Has Got Things To Do

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Music is where it goes from the head to the tip of the toe. We come up to a time where we all yearn for becoming something or someone who we want to see as our self’s. The unusual thing, we sense and it’s very rare the instincts which we get very close to, and at times, we embrace it. Listening to good numbers gets back to places where it’s not possible to travel, yes its past memories which are pleasant to cherish. Scientists have found that music can make the listener reminisce the lost memories where a person might have lost his/her memory due to some major accident. The magical world is what a person discovers where he wants to see music in depth, since, human being gets feeling and emotions for every sort of situation. And so, Music can take us to those jiffies and make us feel where we just can’t envisage only by listening tales we used to listen from our ancestors, which they have experienced in their mystery days.

Some are good and some are bad memories we used to retain in our old past days, which could be rehearsed only by a fluke of music where it comes to radio or some random TV channels. Likewise, we all are attached by happiness and sorrows and that keeps us balanced in our life. Everyone must have a well-tuned life as an instrument (guitar), has well-tuned strings, and so it sounds good at one stroke of every scale of it where each scale have a different phase in life. Researchers have also found that musicians often face mood swings because they go with many feelings as they play music for different emotions. But there is not only the drawback of mood swing for a musician but also one good reason that they have the power to change the mood of any person, crowd, and the world. And if you are struggling for the person you like there are many prospects you can take that person to your own world. So people just enjoy the time being in the moment and play your own number and attach those moments as a photo to a page of your album in your memory. What’s more, have a happy music time ahead.

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Christopher Parge
Singer/Musician from Nashik