Why Taking Expired Medicine Is Risky?

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According to a new examination, it has been found that taking expired pills are very risky and may prove fatal too. Associated with the expired medicines, many cases of physical and mental complications were found following a survey made by a team of Medical college students in 2015. In Maharashtra, a type-1 diabetic patient used expired medicine which was left out of the fridge for more than 3 months. The intake led to ketoacidosis and the patient tumbled into a coma.

Numerous medicines can still be effective after the specified expiry date but some may become toxic after the expiry period since everything depends on the molecular structure and stability of a particular medicine. Liquid formulations, indecently packed medication, medicines not put in storage at the recommended temperatures and exposed to extreme heat or cold may trigger the molecular structure of a medicine to change. Liquid antibiotics and eye drops have possibilities to contaminate if used after the expiry period or kept open for a long time.

A regular checkup regarding expiry of medicines in First-aid kit should be done by every household or organizations. Medicines expired should be disposed of.  Due to a medicine’s loss of effectiveness, toxicity leading to near-death situations, it is all the time suggested to stop the usage of expired medicines. Beware of expired medicines…

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