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You are the one having conveyed love letters of many love-minded youngsters. Different sweet dreams secretly composed, stamped with the same ink of Central Government in well-folded letters are carried and delivered by none other than your own hands. Why couldn’t you be a character of a love story? Postman’s mind is quenched.

It never took years to bring in the counts of efforts. At postman’s delivery locality, the graduate girl turned up to felicitate postman’s hard work. She’s the only daughter to her uneducated parents. Having spent a lot to get a degree, the daughter in order to meet her daily expenses is now a job seeker.

That day again, the postman came to their house. With shaking hands, he delivered the letter to the girl. She accepted it happily.

Father stepping into his declining years had no words to appreciate the qualities of postman. His daughter started receiving more job offers from many places… Interview offers… All of that with no compromise is delivered to the stated addresses by this very postman. Most of the time, her father also offered some pocket money to the postman. And, Postman being virtuous always captured her father’s emotion strappingly.

All of a sudden came the postman’s location transfer to somewhere else. The new postman came into the story. Complaints from many! The list of complaints went on. The complaint that heard loud amongst others was a degree holder’s father’s complaint. According to the man, when there was the good old postman in town, their daughter received many job letters and after the arrival of a new postman, she is missing out all her opportunities to attend a variety of interviews.

With an aspiration of experiencing a month’s salary of the daughter, that paternal heart continued its beating slowly all cursing the new postman.

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